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Most illustrious President,

The international project called “Agon” aims to promote international
mobility by supporting university students athletes/coaches coming from
foreign countries, through the award of scholarships which may guarantee the
benefits listed in the attached document;

For this reason CUS Torino,

persuaded that the philosophy at the basis of university sport (sport as
formative element of the individual and integral part of the course of
studies) constitutes the additional factor which qualifies the individual
and strengthens his/her personal values;
in consideration of the profitable relationships born at the “YEPpies”
Convention of Students’ associations which took place in Torino from the
25th to the 27th January 2007
and in collaboration with Regione Piemonte, Politecnico and Università di
Torino, CUSI, FISU and IVECO Spa, is improving this project - which is
unique in the world for its greatly innovative features – being in position
to grant scholarships, board and lodging so as to allow students to continue
their own university course practicing at the same time sport activity at a
competitive level.
The project has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by FISU (International
University Sport Federation), which will guarantee the diffusion of the
announcement of competition in all countries through the National University
Sport Federation. This project is supported by Regione Piemonte, Politecnico
di Torino, Università degli Studi di Torino, Edisu Piemonte, Coni Piemonte,
Centro Universitario Sportivo Italiano, Iveco and by CUS Torino.
These are the reasons why we beg you to help us by spreading the information
regarding the Agon project thus giving the chance to all students enrolled
at your students’ association, to participate to the project.

For any information please refer to:

Stefania Bisacco 0039-

www.custorino.it/agon - agon@custorino.it

Torino, 21rd May 2008

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