Present like Steve Jobs! ??!!

Open the presentation by setting the theme “eg there is something in the air”
Unveil a single headline that sets the theme
Have a Clear and consistent theme

Create a headline –that creates a direction and gives a reason to listen
Provide an outline and verbally open/close each section with a clear transition
Make it easy for your audience to follow your story
Use heavy words (eg Extraordinary amazing cool awesome..)
We are giving you the permission to sell-if you are not passionate with your product, we are not going to be!

Sell experience
Make meaningful numbers- data and statistics
Analogies help connect with your connection
Make it visual -Easy in the eyes–paint a picture without overwhelming the audience

Use very little texts and 1-2 pictures/slide
Give them a show
Identify your memorable moment and build up to it
Rehearse -Rehearse -Rehearse

One more thing… -give your audience feeling given an added bonus

Good luck!!!!!

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