The Salamis stone

Kind notice: I am not an architect :)

After some time ago I had watched a video from NOVA and found out about the "Salamis stone" and the architect Mark Wilson research:

Architect Mark Wilson Jones believes the enigmatic Salamis Stone, depicting an arm, hands and feet, may be a conversion table for the different measuring systems, Doric, Ionic and Common. 
MARK WILSON JONES (University of Bath): "This is a tracing I've done that shows the stone, and you can immediately see how the main measures work. We have this foot rule here [...] 
But the Salamis Stone may also be a clue to how the ancient Greeks were using the human body to create what we now regard as ideal proportions".

Moreover, some claim that the Salamis Stone is the first example of biological metadata.

Yesterday I read at brainpicker a past article about Da Vinci Ghost and Vitruvian man. Unfortunately the Salamis Stone is not yet known to public, so I decided to write this post :)

I have taken also some screenshots from the NOVA documentary, and uploaded them to slideshare. You can see them right here.

My points?

1. Parthenon is perfect because it is designed according to the ideal human body
2. before Vitruvius and da Vinci, Iktinos, Kallikrates and Phidias have discovered "Vitruvian man" and created Athens Parthenon. So, it is much better to refer to them directly since we have evidence. 

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